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A group of Trons who's ability to Transform from respectable professionals into a ridiculous set of appalling individuals sets them apart from their peers. Fuelled by alcoholic beverages obtained in a monetary exchange for goods type transaction, they chillax by holding impromptu dance offs and having epileptic fits in nightclubs. Savvy?
1. "It's 5 o clock. Ok, Chillaxatrons, TRANSFORM!!!"

2. "Those homies are dowwwwn wit the kids fo'sho mo'fo. I wish i had a sack that could take so much Jack as that/those Chillaxatron (s). Testify!"

3. "The chillaxatrons have just walked in.."
"Hey Sub Prime, I call you out. Dance off, here and now. Do we have an accord?"
"Word. Shizzle that Nizzle G".
by gaztopfunkatropolous January 09, 2009

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