Chilling and relaxing at the same time
John- w'sup dude
Dave- Nthing much 'm just chillaxing
by sugar-ik-ena May 13, 2011
Chillax means to chill out and relax, take it easy, kick back
Man coming out of a bar with his friend,gets stressed out over a parking ticket, his friend says "chillax Dude, at least you didn't get a D.U.I.!" chill relax
by DaAntMan303 June 16, 2010
To take a laxative and chill on the toilet
I got to Chillax, I am constipated bad! I need a productive BM
by Bunghole_mister June 14, 2010
What Snorlax evolves into.
My Snorlax evolved into a Chillax on my Pokemans.
by pokeman fan March 18, 2010
1. To relax and chill simultaneously.
2. ~ation: A state of incomprehendable easyness.

BEWARE: using this word in a non-proper way may cause irritation.
A: Ey bro, what ya doing?
T: Not much, just chillaxin'.
by UCTK November 14, 2009

1. A combination of chilling-out and being able to relax at the same time.
2. A calm state of mind.

Dude, you better CHILLAX before you have a heart attack!

He must have smoked a joint, he's really CHILLAXED.

What you doing? CHILLAXING.
by Murderinc May 31, 2009
To chill and relax at the same time.
I was asking my 8yr. old son Evan to clean his room up and he said, "Chillax Dad!"
by Evanator January 06, 2009

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