Taken from a scene in "lock Stock and 2 smoking barrels". Overly used by an annoying cockney. See edd
"Wait a minute i'm shutting my room down, Chill Winston!"
by The E double D March 06, 2004
Top Definition
Comes from The Lenny Henry Show from the late 80's in the UK. Lenny Henry's character (Delbert Wilkins) would often tell his friend Winston to calm down in his character's vaguely West Indian accent - "chill, Winston". The line used in Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels is a reference to this. It has become a common British saying, though many are unaware of it's origin.
Chill Winston! I've got it under control.
by Floydus July 16, 2011
It was mentioned in the movie Lock Stock as a term to mean 'calm down'.

It was originally said on a British TV advert in the early 1990s.
"He was pacing up and down with worry, so I said "Chill Winston" !
by Milka May 18, 2009
Stoner language used when one person tells the other to chill.

(Note the pronounced chillllllll when spoken)
'Bruv this eighth ent 3.2 for shit.'

'Chill Winston, let me get my whales out.'
by Kaikara05 October 21, 2008
When something is a bit nippy and has a bite to it, i.e being cold weather
Donny said "it's a bit chill Winston tonight"
by Rodneykevkeith June 29, 2013
A big strong Joint/Blunt that will send you to sleep.
Woah dude this Joint is pure chill winston!
by willymctavish April 24, 2006
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