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(Verb). The act of being in the state of relaxation.
See you tomarrow. Chill bill, 1
by Scuba Steve 203 February 03, 2006
Also known as a "Chilly Billy," the act of freezing fecal matter until solid, usually following an act known as the "hot carl," and using only the large, wieldable pieces of feces, preferrably in the shape of a carrot or cucumber, as a dildo or sexual toy of choice. The "toy" may only last for a matter of 20 to 30 minutes before thawing, but it is a great source of fun and adventure.
"Please give me a chill bill." "Would you like a chill bill?" "Leave the chilly billy in me until it thaws."
by Brent A. December 08, 2008

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