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To have casual sex with a person of the opposite sex.

Somewhat like a One Night Stand.
Shelly: Ohhh Dave, wanna chill tonight at my place.

Dave: You know it!
by Ian Karpowich August 14, 2005
1. to hang out with another person
2. to make out with another person (usually of the opposite sex)
Sam and Robby chilled last night on her couch.
by Insider2009 April 14, 2009
1. -v, to be calm and relaxed, to have no worries, or to do nothing enrgy-consuming; 2. -adj, describes someone who is very relaxed and calm; 3. -int, used to express disagreement with an idea or action
1. Whoa, you are doing way to much so you need to chill. 2. He's real chill so u don't have to worry about him getting too excited. 3. You're going to do what? Chill.
by Gabrielle Jones November 22, 2005

Something that is (in a way) good or better than another.
That new shirt is so chill.
You got a chill new ride.
by jordan robert December 14, 2003
laying in the hammock in the setting sun with a breeeeeze was so chill.
by myfaceitches September 02, 2009
Used to describe something cool/awesome,not like cold.
Man that movie was hella chill.
by zanzan April 03, 2009
Adj. calm, used by those who aim to be disrespected by all others and/or wish to sound like Jason Mraz.
As in: Be more chill,dude.
by Jashhagl February 16, 2009