a ridiculously catchy phrase/saying that can be used in multiple circumstances basically meant to inform another individual to live life with a relaxed mentality, not to take things to seriously (shit happens, this too shall pass, in the end as long as you have your health life will be alright), also in essence its a phrase that takes on numerous connotations.

Making people laugh too hard "chill wit it"

If you are having a deep conversation with someone and youre trying to lighten to mood throw in the quick "chill wit it"
*thunderstorm* this rain needs to chill wit it.

yo chill wit it

*friend tells a joke or makes you laugh*... *laughter ensues* "CHILL WIT IT" (instead of using lmao or lol)

did I seriously just a flat tire chill wit it

This kid was trying to make me pay $200 for his used Jordans chill wit it
by Shaan DonJuan June 04, 2013

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