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Chill Sparky is a term which is used to let somebody know that they are becoming far too involved in a particular action or conversation. The phrase is not meant to be accompanied by any other words, and applies to both men and women equally. It is also not to be followed by a continuation of an argument on the behalf of the individual whom has used the term.
Stefanie: I can't believe you would say that? You have no idea how wrong you are! I mean, you seriously believe that you could possibly be right, when clearly I am right and you are not!
Alex: Chill sparky.

Stefanie: I am so much better at Mini-golf than you are. Honestly, there have never been anybody quite as good as I am at mini-golf. You never even stood a chance.
Alex: Chill sparky.
by TheABD July 24, 2011

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