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Chicks Beach is a neighborhood in Virginia Beach, VA. It's borders are the Chesapeake Bay to the North, Shore Drive to the South, Little Creek Amphibious Base to the West, and the Lesner Bridge/Lynnhaven Inlet to the East.

Chicks Beach is known mainly to the locals of Virginia Beach as a place where they can enjoy the beach without having to worry about running into tourists, especially in the Summer. This neighborhood is known for its laid-back vibe, and it's one of the most socially tolerant areas of the city. Many great bars/restaurants are in this area too, including places like The Green Parrot and Zia Marie's.

This neighborhood is mostly made up of large beach homes, smaller beach cottages/bungalows, and mixed-family condos.
I'm going to Chicks Beach to kick back and relax on the beach.
by xKIEVx November 24, 2009
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