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A "cuter" way to call someone a chick. This definition is often debated due to its scarce use.
Wow that chickie really knows how to dance.
by Zachs23 July 08, 2006
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Dude#1: check out that hot chick!

Dude#2: Shes with her man.

Dude#1: Thats not her man its her chickie.
by Wisdomword April 26, 2010
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Chickie is a name that describes trash.
M- Wow the girl is cute.

J- That's Chickie though.
by PyroTrash January 03, 2017
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Used to express low-level anger. Often used with a capital letter and period at the end to further express one's anger.

Can also be said in an Italian accent, for laughs. This form, however, doesn't normally express anger.

" computer isn't working again. Chickie!"

Joe: Oh, that homework was due yesterday.
Marcy: Chickie.
by cdd527 October 18, 2004
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