The act of Midgets pouring hot grease all over their bodies, than having a massive orgy in the kitchen.
Me and Chris had Chicken Nuggets last night in my moms kitchen...She later joined in. :D
by Rad Russian September 25, 2010
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Not to be confused with a Chode, a Chicken Nugget is a penis of small proportions. Like a real chicken nugget it is less than a mouthful, not satisfying by itself, and can be warmed up and finished off in less than 3 minutes.
Girl: "Golly, that guy can dance; I bet he is good in the sack."

Friend: "Shucks, you would think, but we found out he only has a chicken nugget."
by Charles the butler June 17, 2008
evil and trying over the world, by eliminating morals and crashing the economy
mmmm yummy
by la scrub August 07, 2003
cheap, dirty, white meat
hay you Chicken Nugget = hay you white boy
by bilko86 July 05, 2010
"Code-name" for fingering
i need some chicken nuggets
by BEPURPS April 05, 2011
the coolest fried food in the world besides french fries and cheeseburgars and other stuff. NOT made out of chicken. its almost related to tacos and stuff. it tastes pretty good
yumm yumm yummity yum yum chicken nuggets
by marissa chicken February 04, 2010
an ugly fat person at a pool
GEtTA ShiRT on U FUgLY cHICken NUGGet!!!!
by *poo* June 22, 2005
code word for a booty call when it needs to be kept on the down low
Girfriend, I had such a craving for chicken nuggets last night that I got in my car at midnight to go get some!!!! Boy were they tasty!
by teatime2 August 09, 2009

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