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How the wait staff refers to Ancient Ass-cheese Flowers and Spinach Vomit-bombs at weddings; when the guests ask what one of these disgusting hors d'oeuvres is, the wait staff will say "Chicken Surprise." What happens next usually results in the waiter getting written up or even fired, but it's usually worth it.
Obnoxious Guest: "Hey, what's this thing here?"
Waiter: "Chicken Surprise."
Obnoxious Guest: "Hmph, this doesn't taste like it's chicken."
Waiter, with a fuck-you smile: "Surprise."
by JustAnotherGuy March 18, 2010
when one shits on a chicken and makes his or her partner lick it off and feed it back through the butthole. This then causes a sexual stimulation with the parter who then will feast on the asshole of the chicken.
"the chicken surprise tasted so good last night I thought I was in heaven," quoted chris who was just leaving ryan's house.
by Skippy June 06, 2004

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