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A type of bowel movement in which the "bio-product" consists ONLY of chicken, noodles, and other ingredients of chicken noodle soup passed through the stool due to chicken noodle soup being the only meal-type consumed for the same number of days that it takes for the host's body to digest the first consumed bowl of chicken noodle soup.

This could be the case as a result of a bad cold or the flu leading to the consumption of only chicken noodle soup in hopes of miraculous relief.
H1N1 wasn't THAT bad...except for the chicken noodle poop...
by PlayOnPlaya October 19, 2009
The act of relieving chicky noodle soup from your chicky noodle shoot.
Example: All that remained of Veronica's four-course meal was Darren's chicken noodle poop and his chicken noodle squeal.
by Mushy Cashews/Crotch Robber July 16, 2008
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