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Old insult usually used by school kids. Another way to say the other person is afraid or unwanted.
Me: No I do not want to play Break-the-Bottle in the alley with you Chuy!

Chuy: Chicken liver!!!
by thedzone October 10, 2009
Chicken Livers is the code phrase used to alert others that a nice pair of mammary glands are in our presence. It is used so not to alert the woman of the fact that she is being objectified.
Wow! Nice chicken livers!
Check out the chicken livers.
I could go for some chicken livers right about now.
by "Sammy" August 19, 2009
The sweetest sweetbread found in a chicken. Fried with hot sauce, even fine chick can love them.
I converted a demon from the dark side, with some fried chicken livers.
by thrillshow June 26, 2008
abstract word meaning, petal or flower, sugar or sweetheart. An adjective that is positive used to describe younger people i.e children.
hello my beautiful chickenliver.
by verity and amy December 15, 2005
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