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An uncommonly used slur against accusers, used when flustered or confused by a situation. This is the mother of all swearwords, the most offensive literary barb known to man. Were your mother to discover you had used it, you would be in some serious trouble.
"the hell is a chicken faggot?"
by Combatwordsmith December 01, 2009
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A homosexual male whom has been sodomized so many times with a large appendage in which his rectum has difficultly fitting, that it causes him to walk in an unnatural fashion, similar to how chickens walk.
Person one: Have you noticed how Jamarcus has been walking lately?

Person two: Why yes I have. He walks like a chickenfaggot!
by SexAddict20184 December 30, 2010
The ultimate form of the faggot. The Chicken Faggot acts like a gay fag and is also constantly frightened like a chicken. The absolute be all and end all of curse words.
Carmelo Anthony is such a Chicken Faggot.
by BK Smalls December 05, 2012
A person who is gay for chickens, usually a hill billy working on a farm.
He was sent to jail on account of chicken faggoting
by aspdkfjas;lkhdgpoqndfvoqijvrio September 23, 2009

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