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Inserting one's penis into a frozen chicken while your partner bastes your buttocks
"Last night, I walked in on Scott doing a chicken dipper with Chris"
by MidDip February 09, 2009
London cockney rhyme slang for 'stripper'.
The lads enjoyed a night of naked sluts at the chicken dippers
by Chewy Lewy August 16, 2011
when a girl gets fingered by a guy with 'crinkly' fingers and it feels like she's having a chicken dipper shoved into her.
Girl: Last night I got freaking chickendipper'd

Friend: What?
Girl: Yeah his fingers where disgusting, I wish I never did it.
by Geeeeeorrrrrgeeeeeeeeee August 28, 2010
must be said randomly with confidence.
blah blah blah blah CHICKEN DIPPERS! blah blah blah blah

by chickendippers August 05, 2009
Colloquial term for hussy's ovaries, usually out up for trade with Scotch Oakburn school ties.
Hussy: Can we have your tie?

Johnny: Certainly, but you must give me something in return.

Dunn: Give us your chicken dippers!

Hussy: What?

Dunn: All your ovaries are belong to us!

Hussy: <Runs away>
by Ramone the Gimp October 10, 2006

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