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A sound made to annoy those around you. A random noise made for no reason; a noise made when someone says something so stupid that it doesn't warrant a real response.
I walk through the living room and see my sister sitting on the couch. I walk past her and say, "Chicka."

Idiot man: Hey baby! You lookin' for a date? Some sex? You must be tired because you were running through my mind all day.

Girl: chicka!
by Boober Fraggle May 27, 2005
21 101
a sexy latin female.
also spelled as chika
Did u see that chicka
by the chad caswell experience June 24, 2005
296 79
girlfriends, female friends
I'm headed out with my chickas for the evening.
by JPenny April 15, 2009
24 5
A Expression Of Disapointment
Your Girlfriend Dumps you.
"Oh Chicka!"
by ChickaWahMeister February 04, 2010
23 71
a girl that uses you so she can hook up with your friends
wow that girl is a fucking chicka don't trust her
by bam2403 December 10, 2006
39 121
a fat lazy geeser. A pathological liar that thrills himself in other peoples misfortunes. A creature that commits no less than 40 sins per day including gluttony, sloth, and greediness. A hot-tempered weed fiend that loves his rugby...
Mat: Who ate my Coco Pops?
Mihau: It was Chicka!!!
Mat: That fucking cunt
by Crix November 11, 2003
16 112