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Eating fried chicken in an overzealous manner
That dude just went DOWN on that drumstick. That's some Chick Fellatio right there.
by Shamrock The Casba November 18, 2010
4 2
The act of providing oral sex to someone in the parking lot of Chick-fil-a in protest of the owners position on homosexuality.
The girl at the drive in was appalled when she looked down and saw Neil giving Bob Chick-Fell-Atio.
by BusterBronco August 01, 2012
4 5
The non-Republican version of Chick Fil-A. Gay rights activists are sure to enjoy this version of the infamous restaurant.
"Hey let's go down and get some Chick Fell-A-tio to protest ignorance against gay rights."
by LivelyLibra July 31, 2012
0 3