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1. a name for the type of music bands like Fall Out Boy or Spitalfield play, very awesome catchy music.A light sounding rock music.
"No way you like fall out boy too? I love chicago soft core!"
by Laura K. December 07, 2005

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www.falloutboyrock.com FOB will break your heart and start a fire in your pants. Enough said.
by Rianna December 27, 2003
A term used to describe much of the music coming from Chicago's pop-punk scene. Term gained fame when used on a popular Fall Out Boy tshirt that said "Fall Out Boy is for lovers! chicago soft core"
"chicago soft core" bands: Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is, Spitalfield, The Audition, etc.
by KathK April 21, 2006
A band such as played on 93.9 FM. AKA: LIGHT FM
"Hey Do you listen to Light Fm?"
"Yup that chicago soft core is pretty sweet!"
by Gabrelle December 10, 2005