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The Chi Phi Fraternity is a values-based organization founded on the basis of Truth, Honor & Personal Integrity. These are timeless values which guide the fundamental purposes of the Fraternity.
Those Chi Phi's have the biggest impact in our community
by Chi Phi 1824 February 29, 2004
chi phi is the shit, chi phi is cool hand luke
Chi Phi is the shit. Chi Phi is cool hand Luke.
by chi phi October 19, 2004
a.k.a. chi-phizzle

An organization of 18-28 year olds who value drinking and fucking fat freshmen girls over anything and everything. Characterized by 'brotherhood' activities which are nothing more then overt displays of homo-eroticism perpetuated by homophobic individuals lacking in tact or civility.
ex.1 - Man, Chi Phi is fucking tight!

ex.2 - You should join Chi Phi and fuck some freshmen hos
by A fan December 15, 2004
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