The baby boy or baby girl name Chhavi comes from the Indian word which means, "Reflection." English word which means, "it means aspect n intelligence n beauty too as per HINDUS VEDAS." Hindi word which means, "image , shadow." Hindi word which means, "meaning of this name iz love life 4 karan."
She is just so warm and nice, she is a perfect chhavi
by Amardeep Gupta December 28, 2012
Top Definition
A brown haired, fair and rich girl. Who is very sweet and has a lot friends, almost everyone loves her and is usually the life of the party. She is very intelligent and has a strong personality and has guys falling for her everywhere. Most of the girls are jealous of her. The meaning of her name is reflection.
Girl 1- I don't get this how can she get everything in life ?
Girl 2- Well, after all she is chhavi, she knows how to make her way.
by Blair Andrew December 28, 2012
Chhavi Rajawat (born 1980) is an Indian politician. She is the sarpanch of her village Soda, 60 kilometres from Jaipur. She is the youngest Sarpanch in India. The meaning of her name means reflection of one's inner soul.
She is the youngest sarpanch in India no wonder she's sucha chhavi
by Aastha Rajawat December 28, 2012

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