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A Chey Zilla is this rare animal like thing, it can rap and bust a beat, it can dance shuffle and I think it doesn't matter what people think of it, but sometimes can be really mean and rude!!!
Jake: Kristin who's Cheyenne?

Kristin: Jake, Cheyenne is a Chey Zilla....

Jake: oh..... hey Kristin.... uhm whats a Chey Zilla...... ???
by JJERZEE February 02, 2012
To be, or to have been once stupid. Normally used for blondes, rarely for brunettes. Can also be used as a nickname for the name "chey"
person 1 dude, did you see that blonde chick!?

person 2 yeah, she's a cheyzilla alll the way.
by JustAnAddiction April 15, 2010
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