1: (Choo-e Burd) A bird that does what he does, because it is what it is.
Can be associated with an individual or individuals within a group.

Derived from military talk during multiple deployments. Chewy bird is a close cousin to the elusive but proactive BLUE FALCON

A consumate fighter for what is right or making sense of a senseless situation no matter what is said about him or done to him

2: One who eats and enjoys it, getting your fat Boy/Girl on.
Reyes: Hey bro that girl was talking mad mess about him.

Gross: I know but you can't tell her anything cause' she is the boss's daughter.
Reyes: well I'm gonna get "chewy bird" on her ass tell her all about herself.

Lord: Hey bro they got some good eats in the chow hall today!
JC: Damn dude I'm gonna get my "chewy bird" on.
by BF Hunter August 15, 2011

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