A shitty ass, predominately white, upper-class city located in Maryland, just north of Washington, DC.

Anyone who lives there is a rich white douchebag who will treat you like shit if you don't drive a luxury car. The kids there have absolutely no taste and are plastic robots who are completely oblivious to reality.

The funnest and easiest way to piss someone from there off is to tell them "Hey, isn't Chevy Chase that actor?". All locals know where Chevy Chase is, we just do that to piss them off because we hate them.
Anyone who doesn't live there: "Hahahaha! Those cold bammas stay out in Chevy Chase!"
by Krill Awareness April 01, 2009
Leader of the upcoming revolution in 2157. He will join the Union, spread marxism, trick the public into believing one thing and following him, and then giving the public something completely different. Will become world dictator by 2163. He will rule for approximately 20 years, up until his *untimely* (cough) assassination by a renegade faction of the union, who, in turn, will put an even more useless and incapable person on the throne.

This is all known through time travel, which, coicedently, allowed all this to happen in the first place. Go figure. All in all, the space time continuum was/is/will be a very very strange place >_>.
Chevy Chase was a great person!
by Lucius Brimstone February 25, 2005
a city not an actor like all you ignorant people think!
I like in Chevy Chase
by bubbeleh February 03, 2004

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