Another word for "Lord" or "Master"
OK Chettle! Ill get those cookies for you
by Tom Ward January 22, 2004
Top Definition
The crumbs that are found in your computer keyboard
Man, i could make a meal out of all this chettle I found in my Keyboard.
by Turbo4200 June 03, 2007
A word commonly used to replace or substitute any other word in a sentence. Also used to describe what something looks like, how something works, or getting someone's atttention. Often, variations of the word chettle are used in the form of a verb, i.e. getting chettled, chettling around town.
"hey man have you seen Chettle today?"- Chettle 1
"No I saw him last night, he was all Chettled up" -Chettle 2
by Chettle October 23, 2011
The crumbes that you can find between the keys of your keyboard.
I found so much chettle in my keyboard today, I could make lunch!
by EchoXero September 21, 2007
The crumbs that get caught in between the keys of your keyboard.
After I ate that muffin, the chettles got caught in my keyboard.
by Mr KDK June 07, 2007
1. Purple blotchy rash
2. First sign of having the bubonic plague
3. In more recent times, it is used to describe the pain one gets the day after riding a bike with a hard and narrow seat.
Brett: Hey Lance, how was your ride yesterday?
Lance: Great, but it's been so long that today i have a chettle and can barely sit
by Smokediggity February 06, 2008
The crumbs that you find in your keyboard.
Today when I cleaned out my keyboard, i found enough chettle to make lunch.
by Echo Xero June 18, 2007
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