Foolish individuals who wear shirts or possess other paraphernalia with the image of Che Guevara, Marxist-Leninist vermin known for his murdering of those who opposed communist revolutions and clown like utter incompetence when involved in combat operations against counter insurgency forces.

Chetards are frequently seen at Eco-conscious rallies, counter World Trade Organization demonstrations and gathered around bongs in college dormitories.
Did you see that Chetard in the photos from the demonstration? Luckily his unwashed, smelly hippie, patchouli funk was not captured in the picture.
by RonInAz April 13, 2007
Top Definition
Middle Class teenage "rebels" that wear a t-shirt of someone they don't know; that Che would have shot in two seconds.
Chetard: "Hey check out my "Chay" shirt"

Chetard's friend: "Who is that?"

Chetard: "..."
by asikjbdhgfuhu May 16, 2010
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