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A few bones, with clothes, no wallet left and no more skull-like necklace (the key!). He used to be a living human.

He was close to find One-Eyed Willie's treasure, but some teenagers did better than him
Mouth : "if Chester Copperpot didn't find it, how would we find it? "

Data : "He's dead for sure. I think he's the Chester Copperpot."
Mouth : "Chester who? "
by destructyom March 13, 2009
The most badass pirate to ever live. Originated from the most badass movie ever made "The Goonies". Chester stole, raped, and mugged his way into history and money gathering..he will forever be missed.
"man someday I wish I can rape some bitches and get cash the way Chester Copperpot did"
by Tarpsucker August 20, 2008