When some fucking loser is looking for child pron on youtube using the keywords pthc and click a video that is label as child pron but in fact is a link to an anti-child pron angency and the purple traitor ammediately notices his pwnage, the motherfucker has officially been chesney rolled. a state of ExTrEmE PwNaGe

(while playing css)
fag: yeah dude i just got a headshot! you got owned!
me: ( pulls out lemons wallhack and superman aimbot with an full auto deagle with a scope). SISISISSISISICK HEADSHOT!
fag: dude ur a fag im tellin admin on you
me: negro youve just been Chesney rolled. ur my bitch now ;]
by cody (ethocybin on css) April 06, 2008
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