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1.) An annual pageant put on during the Travers City Michigan Cherry Festival; scholarships and prize money are given to the most eligible jailbait

2.) A virgin (exclusively for women and gay men)

3.) One who is proud of their virginity, haughty about their “purity” and looks down upon those who are not virgins
1. Miss Cherry Queen 2011 is.....

2. OMG did you hear that Sally isn't a Cherry Queen anymore I hear she's prego!

3. Emma is such a Cherry Queen she totally bitched Sally out for doing the horizontal mambo with Jon last weekend, she's just jealous he doesn't want to go near her ham wallet
by don'tusemyrealnames October 26, 2010
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a virgin who has not recieved anal sex
Alan can you please let me do you ? I dont want to be a cherryqueen!
by teabag2 August 10, 2009
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