When a girl gives you a blow job after sex while she's on her period.
That chick was nasty, she let me give her a cherry popsicle!
by joker569 July 28, 2012
Top Definition
When a man is unaware he is banging a bitch on the rag and when he pulls his erect dick out, it is covered in blood.
"Dude this chick didnt tell me she was on the rag and when I pulled by dick out it looked like a cherry popsicle!"
by Vah-rule January 15, 2009
When a girl menstruates on a guy (who is not using a condom) during vaginal intercourse. The girl then proceeds to blow the guy's bloody penis.
Kelly totally gave that guy a cherry popsicle in the woods.
by BenKyle May 01, 2010
To receive oral sex after penetrating a woman while she was on her period.
While Jim Bob was tending bar he decided to have a quickie with his girlfriend. After the quickie Jim Bob realized she was on her period but had no time to clean his penis. Later on that night, Jim Bob had an opportunity to receive oral sex from a patron. While receiving oral sex, Jim Bob said "I hope you like my cherry popsicle!"
by TyronneBiggums October 09, 2007
A cherry Popsicle is when your fucking a virgin and u pop her cherry... The pullout then looks like a cherry Popsicle
dick fuck cherry Popsicle
by AmyLoves2B8 December 13, 2010
a women on her period has sex with a man and than licks and or sucks off the blood
ooo eee i got a cherrypopsicle this weekend.
by jason hoy January 01, 2008
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