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A glutenous chunk of chocolate covered cherry "candy". It will stop your heart in a matter of seconds.

Found in boxes containing around 300 chocolate candies around the size of a softball.
Dude 1: You trying to offer me some Cherry Mash?
Dude 2: Sure!

(Dude 1 bites into Cherry Mash)

Dude 1: I don't feel so good.
Dude 2: You don't look so good.

Dude 1 dies.
by thefakelk February 15, 2011
When you give a girl anal sex during her period and when done you put your poopy dick in her menstruating vagina.
Sarah was on her period and only wanted anal but tommy gave her a cherry mash anyway
by bejusChrist September 11, 2015
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