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Language of origin: French
Pronunciation: \(ˈcher-ē)(ˈbrau̇n) or CHAIR-ree-Brown
Alternate Pronunciation: \(ˈsher-ē)(ˈbrau̇n) or SHAIR-ee-Brown

1.) Achieving orgasm while passing a fecal loaf through the rectal cavity causing the anal sphincter to collapse severing the log proper.

-The term cherry is referencing the loss of one’s virginity by the breaking of the hymen because “It feels like the first time every time”

-If the execution of Cherry brown is complemented with genital stimulation the phrases, “milking the brown cow” or “ripping the the clit while clipping the shit” can be used in conjecture.
Vin-What type jam on your blumpkin pie?

Cherry-What are my choices?

Vin-Yesterday's Cherry Brown or blueberry.
by Beas' December 04, 2009
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