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The act of dipping ones nuts in a woman’s menstruation cycle during a heavy flow then tea bagging her forehead, leaving a red dot.
Is that bitch from India? Hell nah, she got cherry bagged by Jason because she got stupid.
by BearmanZ400 September 18, 2008
Female version of a tea bag. Also known as a bliss kiss or pooch smooch.
Man Melissa totally cherry bagged Nathan last night after her and Barry were done!!
by SlickToxin August 08, 2010
That you have just taken it too far. As in when Louis Vuitton came out with they're infamous bags with cherries on them...cherry bags.
**Really inebriated girl stumbles out of dorm room elevator**
Amanda(whispering): Cherry bags....

Caroline: Look guys! Amanda's so drunk she's dancing with a blind midget
Xavier: God, she's cherry bags tonight!

Caroline: Guys, I'm definetely cherry baggin'it now....
(Caroline's level of inebriation just hit her and she is FUCKED UP)
by Caribou3288 March 15, 2008
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