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A person that adores and loves actress/singer Kristin Chenoweth. They know where she is performing next and what shows/movies she will be in. They are almost like a stalker but not really one. They know her full name Kristi Dawn Chenoweth, her height 4' 11, and everything she has been in Wicked, Your A Good Man Charlie Brown, Pushing Daisies....
Person 1: Hey what are you.
Person 2: Oh just a Chenoholic.
by chenoholic February 09, 2010
Somebody who adores or cannot get enough of a "Chenoa".
John: I think I am in love with Chenoa, I can't get enough of her!
Fred: Hey, that makes you a Chenoholic!
by SpeakerOfTheTruth101 January 01, 2014
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