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To vent frustration by riffing creatively about a situation. This is not the same as kvetching or bitching, though it is a form of complaining. A good chemp is funny. The person or people who chemp or listen to a chemp walk away feeling that the situation still sucks, but at least they can laugh about it.

"Yes, I know the IT department is a black hole. I just didn't realize that I could pick up the phone, dial the IT department, and experience first-hand the joy of talking to an incoherent piece of quantum string. I didn't realize that when unobserved they are alive and dead simultaneously, like Schrödinger's cat. And I did not know that attempts to manage them or check on their progress resulted in a perfect example of the Quantum Zeno effect."
It was ok when you were chemping, but now you're just bitching.
by Capnstomock February 05, 2010
To chemp - to experience the sensational feeling when entering a woman.
I chemped last night.
Chemping is the best feeling in the world.
That was some top quality chempage.
by Chris North January 14, 2008
affirmative word meaning "yes"
Miguel: are you going to the party tonite man?
Marco: CHEMPS, I am!
by Jeremey D October 25, 2006
A body of liquid or small puddle of mysterious and uncertian contents.
1. Eric you have some chemp on the corner of your mouth.

2. Scott noticed a disgusting puddle of chemp in the corner of the mens bathroom at the truck stop.
by Heilix May 25, 2008