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The most beautiful girl. The best smile, cutest laugh, adorable faces, sexiest body. She is one in a million. Chelsea is one to fall head over heels for. She is always laughing and messing with people. She can never hold grudges. She tends to make and keep friends easily. But only trusts few. Chelsea is very smart, even if she doesn't seem like the brightest. She is very successful. When she has problems, she doesn't come out and say it. She stays out of drama. She gets in trouble a lot, especially with her parents. Chelsea is an affectionate girl. She believes anything anyone tells her. She loves to be kissed and cuddle. She is very loyal to her other person. Chelsea loves hearing I love you. If you mess with this girl, she has no problem kicking your ass. This girl is seductive & has no problem doing what she's got to do. This girl is one crazy sonofabitch(;
by boogereater. March 29, 2011

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