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A beautiful and funny women. She is always the life of the party and is loved by everyone. She of course has haters. But her haters make her famous. She is a great mother and friend. She does everything she can for her friends and family and sometimes she suffers because of it. She is a incredible and honest person all around.
Chella is incredible isn't she?
by Sinematic March 05, 2015
An old women with manly features at a bar/club. A Chella is the out of place loud drunk old lady you see at bars and clubs that has no business being there because they're creeping out the young people. Usually the old drunk crying out "Whooo hooo! Look at me everyone! I'm drunk wild and in a club/bar with young people and I still got it!"... they really don't have it.
Ron Jeremy: Ooh la la! Check out that easy sleezy senior!
Will Ferrel: Yikes! She's a freaky Chella! I tell you, you are one twisted little man.
by The Great Hand February 16, 2010
A low class older women that gets her friends to cheat on their partners. Your wifes/girlfriends friend that smiles to your face and acts like she's all for you guys while trying to convince your girl to cheat on you behind your back.
Girl 1: You should go out with us this Friday and hook up with our buddy, he's funny.

Girl 2: What? No way! What are you? A Chella?
by Hot Tech February 16, 2010
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