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1.) The mythical vag blower, the leader of a tribe of alpha females, 'The one who does not fart from the butthole.' aka the queeftan (cheiftan-queef).

2.) A male who is known for emitting awkward wet farts, often titled the 'Cheif Queef', because people question his gender.
1.a 'From now on we're calling you cheif queef, because you fart like a woman'

1.b 'Legend says that the queeftan can breath fire from her vagina.'

1.c 'She thinks she's special 'cause people be movin' out of the way when she be walkin' by, crazy ass bitch calls herself the cheif queef."

2.a "I heard cheif queef over there is wearing a diaper today."
by Idonthaveanythingtodowiththis. September 11, 2013
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