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To use comic material developed by another comedian, attempting to pass it off as your own. Often done without giving the other comedian credit for it, especially on the internet.
I just tweeted an awesome one liner, but I'm afraid someone might Chegwin it.
by MikeSynonymous October 22, 2010
6 1

To secrete alchohol outside one's home to be consumed away from friends and relatives in secret... often whilst walking the dog or 'going for some fresh air'.
"Casper? Thy's not getten a Kestrel at all - your Judd's told me - yer Mam caught yer ovver t' wreck wi' some Diamond White... we all know's you Chegwin!"

(From "Kes... t' Director's Cut")
by Neil Baxter September 23, 2005
6 3
An alternative term for the Hoodie, believed to have originated from Australia.
News article: Shoppers flock to Bluewater after Chegwin ban.
by Clegg Thurston February 03, 2008
7 6
Popular Nude TV Celebrity, Keith.
by Thomas F Michaelson May 25, 2003
10 10
An exclaimation of anger, disappointment and generally being upset.
Much to my chegwin, my children have been abducted and turned into a fine meat paste.
by Jon May 20, 2003
6 8