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This noun in commonly heard in the northern New York area, bordering Canada and Vermont. It is used to discribe a person that is like "trailer trash," but with hick tendencies to fit the north country personna.
That guy with no teeth is a cheewee.
by Kelisimo March 09, 2009
A snack food, somewhat like Cheetoes, but differing slightly in both taste and appearance. Made by Elmer's Fine Foods in New Orleans, thus explaining its usage as a slang word in that area.
Ummm, Ummm, I likes me my chee wees. Dey don't cut up ma mout like dem cheetoes do.
by Kevin Kennair November 27, 2006
a word for a white trailer trash person
Damn, did you see that cheewee steal those Playboys I just threw out?!
by Brenna December 21, 2004
Hair style, African American. Something like short tiny dreads. Named after a crunchy cheese snack, which they resemble slightly.
"I don't want to get into calling people names, but if you're going to walk the streets of St. Tammany Parish with dreadlocks and chee wee hairstyles, then you can expect to be getting a visit from a sheriff's deputy." Jack Strain, Sheriff, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana.
by Joe Riehl July 12, 2006
an uptight person, one who is "stingy", doesn't like to share
damn homie, don't be actin like a chee wee, pass that shit!
by illard June 27, 2006
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