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Cheetarah was a fine ass cartoon cat-woman which every male child born in 1985 wanted to bring to life and face-fuck. She was a Thundercat, known for her amazing speed and lightening quick reflexes. Cheetarah was armed with a bo staff. In the first episode of Thundercats "Exodus" you can see her boobs.
Kenny: "Dude is it me or is Cheetarah kinda hot?"

Niles: "Her voice is pretty annoying but yeah man I'd pound that thing's pussy haha!"

Kenny: "Good one Niles... say do you think if I got some spandex from the independent wrestling guys down the block and some white facepaint Kelly would..."

Niles: "Doubtful Kenny... doubtful"
by Harrowfear July 30, 2008
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