A man's state of mind that wishes to be a woman and to be fed cheeseburgers via homo relations after a long days work catching cold sores and stealing knee pads
You have cheeseburglar tendacies don't you?
by lovelyppl December 15, 2011
Top Definition
Burger thief. Someone who sneakily robs your precious Cheezburgers.
- Nigga stole my cheeseburger!
- A cheeseburglar, huh?
by saxon whore June 17, 2008
As the children lay asleep
Through the shadows he shall creep

The burgers of cheese, his hands shall sweep
Without making a sound, not even a peep
After the crime, over fences he shall leap
And run across the street into his cousins jeep
Whom turns to him and says "Bro, why so cheap?"
And his response "the economy is rather steep.."

And such is the story of the cheeseburglar.

The cheeseburglar stealthily sneaked into the cafeteria.

P.S You alphas are over rated!!!
by manicmystery September 29, 2009
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