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A man with a large gut due too his frequant binges on Cheeseburgers. often eating in excess of 15 cheeseBurgers.
Notable Cheeseburger Walrus is "Randy" from Canadian cult classic Trailer Park Boys
"I called Randy a Cheeseburger Walrus" - Cory
"How many Cheeseburgers have u drivin into that gut today you frigging Cheeseburger walrus?"
by Tarukane July 10, 2007
A man that consumes cheese burgers on a substantial scale effecting the physical appereance of said person
fuckin bobandy that greasy cheese burger walrus.
by Bobandy July 05, 2008
An ugly and overweight woman who may or may not have dangling teeth.
"Check out that Cheeseburger Walrus by the bar with her friend, we may need a harpoon to take this one out"
by SmartCanadianAss March 29, 2009
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