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The act, or the motion of commiting the act of dipping one's bread stick into the eyesockat of habujulangagananga, aka "Destiny of cheese, God".

It is rather apparant, that such an act often results in one's pestashio nut being consumed by a hot pink tiger,after the hot pink tiger consuming the pestashio nut it has been known for the hot pink tiger to vomit a baby dwarf. This often causes the tiger to suffer indigestion, and thus this causes the bread stick to take the thrown of king of mr gay universe.
I was simply Cheeseaning, when all of a sudden, a giant pumkin manifested out of the blue moon and started doing the funky chicken!!!! (in the location of my armpit.

In a brief conversation with my mother in law, she suddenly plucked a bread stick and was cheeseaning!!

My mate John, requently endulges in cheeseaning!!!
by Iliketofightsnailsontuesday May 29, 2009

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