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The name of a character on the animated TV show, "Ren and Stimpy".. the Charater's full name was Chucky Cheesfisst and it was for one of the fake commercials that aired on that show. He looked like a little devil with a block o cheese on his head, and a huge right fist made of cheese
"Go on ya mooks.. take a bite of the fist!"

"I've got the answer to all your party problems, Chucky Cheesefist is the name, and I'm the boy with the fist of cheeeeeese!"
by Le Fraug March 02, 2010
A favorite of Vt. When you rub the backside of your nuts then push your fist up under someone's nose.....
damn!!! Shannon just gave me the cheese fist!
by cheesy668 October 07, 2011
To fist with cheese.
Cheese fist: To consume 21 jagermeisters, carve a fist from cheese (your favourite flavour) then abusively fist someone...probably that you dont like...
by Dilate March 30, 2008
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