Used when Beast mode is just is not enough. Could result in complete and utter destruction and if used while playing a game, victory will be certain. Can be used when eating cheese the ultimate source of this power and of course the most powerful food known to mankind and even aliens. *Warning* Use at your own risk.

Created by Chuck Norris as a present for humans to witness his true power, cheese.
Guy 1: "Man, I cant get any kills on this new Call of Duty I have.

Guy 2: Maybe if you use your Cheese Mode.

Guy 1: Yea, good idea *eats cheese and plays game*

Guy 2: Well how did it go?

Guy 1: Well lets find out *checks world leader-boards* it looks like I am first! In all categories and i have so many kills now that the full number doesn't fit on the leader-board at all.

Guy 2: Told you it will work! ;)
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