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Something you get when you stick your hand in a bag of cheese related snacks too many times.
"Dude, I got cheese knuckles from eating that bag of Cheetos"
by A, Smith March 07, 2009
Like a moose knuckle except it has the overwhelming odour of rancid cheese.
Man, I can smell that cheese knuckle from 6 feet away.
by ritwil July 20, 2011
A cheeseknuckle, is when somebody plays with their bellend cheese, then punches you in the face.
Man1: "Bro stop playing with your dick"...
Man2: "Naw man stfu or I'll give you a cheeseknuckle"..
Man1: "Gwed"
Man2: *Punches in the face leaving residue of dickcheese.
by AtlasAlliance March 24, 2016
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