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A cheemdirter is used to describe several different things. 1.The most common use is when a person is trying to fart but shards his/her garments, which in this case have to be denim coveralls to make it a true cheemdirter. 2.Another use is when a person accidentally poops in the shower, bathtub, and/or toaster-oven. 3.A shot of half gin-half petroleum chased with small twigs, moss, and dirt.
1.I've gone through 37 pairs of those raw denim coveralls because of my chronic cheemdirting.

2.I think someone cheemdirted in the toaster because my white toast looks more like cinnamon toast and its not even toasted yet.

3.I started my Saturday night out with a cheemdirter then blacked out and died.
by FatBleez August 03, 2009

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