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An alcoholic beverage consisting of 1 - 2 oz of port and a bottle of blue WKD. Very fruity with a deep warm kick to it.
You're a very cheeky girl so I'll have to buy ya a cheeky vimto!
by ¿Enigma? May 21, 2006
A Girls Drink,

Some men often drink "Cheeky Vimto's" and some men would often hit these men for doing so.

Drinking "Cheeky Vimto's" is known as a sign to other men drinking "Cheeky Vimto's" when they want to fun love each other.

Girls Drink..... all the way.

Cheeky Vimto - A Drink normally associated with Gay Boys
by Cheeky Vimto October 10, 2008