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To have a quick cheeky peek at a naked women/man
James - "Sarah has a bangin' bod mate"

Max - " I know, I had a cheeky peek when she was in the shower"
James - " hory sheet take a picture you shit or I'll spread it"
Max - " NO that's called blackmail u cheeky cunt"
James - " sorry I'll just have a cheeky peek myself m9, then let's go for a cheeky nandos with the lads"
by The urban kid July 10, 2015
When during Fellatio the tip of the Penis headbutts the inside of the giver's cheeks peeking out.
Mandy's Blowjobs are the shit, they always my Dick give the old Cheeky Peek. That bitch knows the score.

There's no better part of the Cheeky Peek when your girl tickles your knob by caressing the outside of her cheek.
by Wazet007 May 29, 2013
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