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The way to describe a seriously fit and super sexy female of the highest standard and calibre
Jason: "check out the hot ass over there"

Gary: "Cheeky Cheeky"
by SamwellRamswell April 15, 2009
Can be used as noun or verb.

Euphemism for sex or having sex. Comes from the sound a box spring mattress makes when having sex.
A: Cheeky-cheeky?
B: Nah, none at all.

A: How was your weekend?
B: Best cheeky-cheeky everrrrr

A: Any plans tonight with the Mrs?
B: Cheeeky-cheeeky
by ilovecheeky April 10, 2011
Having sexual intercorse with someone.
I'm about to hit this shorty up, get some Cheeky-Cheeky.
by El Don Ron aka Don Dodda July 31, 2006

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